Limited edition! top 3 ways to use the art of scarcity marketing

We are sure that you have seen it before, the signs and advertisements screaming “limited time only”, “sale ends today”, “only while supplies last”, and many more. These taglines are a part of an interesting marketing strategy called scarcity marketing.

We use the word interesting because this type of marketing plays directly into the psychology of the human mind. According to Explore, “In social psychology, the scarcity principle refers to the tendency to place a higher value on things that are perceived as rare while devaluing things that are seen as common or abundant.” This is scarcity marketing, advertising your products or services as a rare offering.

We have identified the 3 most effective ways to use the art of scarcity marketing.


  1. Exclusivity

Using exclusivity in your scarcity marketing involves indicated that your products or services are only meant for the elite. It gives the public the perception that your brand is the absolute best in the industry and only a select few are able to enjoy this, but everyone should aspire to experience it.

Top luxury brands such as the car manufacturer Lamborghini, jeweler Harry Winston, and clothing companies Louis Vuitton, have mastered exclusivity scarcity marketing. They have successfully marketed their brands as the best in their respective industry when it comes to quality and exclusivity, and the pricing matches. Although many cannot afford the products these companies sell, many aspire to one day acquire them further increasing their brand image.

If you are planning to use this version of scarcity marketing, the quality of your products and services must justify the pricing or your customers will purchase from your competitors.


  1. Sense of Urgency

This message will self destruct in 3…2…1…! This is a common line in many spy movies but is a great example of sense of urgency marketing. Marketers also use this concept to accelerate their customer’s decision-making cycle.

For example, airlines and hotels often advertise that they have exclusive deals that only last for the next 24 hours. Customers who are still considering your products or services may need this extra push to convince them to purchase now while they have the chance.


  1. Excess Demand and/or Limited Supply

Some of the best examples that you can see from an excess demand or limited supply scarcity marketing tactic, are on bidding sites like eBay. These sites allow for people and businesses to offer or resell products. You can see paraphernalia like those from musicians that are sold for 10x more than their initial value. The value of that particular item increases because there is only a limited supply, and everyone wants one.

You can also increase this demand by showing the number of people that have already purchased your product or services. Customers may begin to think that if everyone else has this, it must be good.

Finally, when using any of these concepts, make sure that you do not put yourself in a detriment. If your brand is exclusive, but you are not marketing properly to that customer base, you will need to adjust your messaging. If your product or service requires a significant amount of research before making a purchase, you may lose customers by trying to force them to make a rash decision. If you only have a limited supply of a product but your pricing model requires that you sell a significant amount, your customers may become frustrated.

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