‘Tis the season…for seasonal marketing

We are approaching the end of the year which means we are approaching the holiday season, in the US. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are 3 major holidays at the tail end of the year.

During these months / holidays consumers begin to shop based upon emotion which is great for business. This is true not just for retailers but for the service industry as well, everyone is in the giving (and buying) spirit.

The first thing you should do to prepare for the season is build anticipation for the sales you are getting ready to offer. Starting a few weeks or even a month before your sale begins gains mindshare in your customer’s head. You have a first mover’s advantage so once the season approaches, you should have a backlog of customers waiting to buy your product or service.

The second piece of advice is to tap into the emotions of your customers through your messaging. Instead of positioning your products and sales for your target customer, try to position it as a great gift for a family member or loved one.

The third thing we suggest is to limit the time of the sale. This will create a sense of urgency with customers so that they do not wait and pursue other vendors that may sell similar products or services.

For retailers, consider offering additional services like gift wrapping services to increase the amount spent per customer.

For service providers, offer a limited-time sale on your service packages for the holidays.

Spartan Marketing Group would love to work with your business to help your company grow. Contact us today for a free consultation. Happy Holidays!

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